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Burdge has been a leader in providing online printing solutions to companies and organizations since 1997.  We were one of the “early adaptors” of this service as soon as it was available.  There were many trials and errors back then and we have learned from those times what will work for our customers and what will not. There are many choice today from printers claiming to have online ordering solutions but only Burdge has over ten years of experience setting up hundreds of companies to order online. Customers are unique in their demands and workflow organization.  Some customers require the integration of hundreds of printed products to their internal software such as Aariba or SAP.  Others just want a quick and simple way to order business cards online. Contact the experts at Burdge for advise for the best solution for your organization and find out why companies from across the nation come to Burdge for their printing and online ordering needs.

http://orders.burdgeonline.com/burdgestore :: Basic site::

This link will take you to a demonstration of the availible setup for a site with basic level. Demo email address is mac@burdge.com and password is burdge.

http://orders.burdgeonline.com/burdgestandard :: Standard site::

This link demonstrates how a site could look if we were only offering a few products for one company.

http://orders.burdgeonline.com/premium :: Premium site::

This link demonstrates how a username and password could be incorporated into an order site. Demo email address is jill@example.com and password is demo. Each employee creates a profile then based on the data in that profile, they can order pre-approved, and pre-populated products. Detailed instructions are provided to the users and the ability to define which location the user is ordering for is built in at the beginning of the order process. This site demonstrates how one could order Corporate Stationery, Variable data post cards, products from the Company Store, Flyers, Custom letters, and purchase mailing lists

http://orders.burdgeonline.com/csci :: demonstration of online holiday card site ::

For large organizations, holiday cards are best managed online.  This site demonstrates how that process could be managed.  Users requisition and personalize their cards then a manager must approve the order

https://orders.burdgeonline.com/burdge-quotesplus-demo/ :: demonstration of online quotes site ::

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